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Karuna Healing Brand Board


  • Therapeutic Support & Mindfulness Therapy
  • Boulder, Colorado

Through the practice Yoga and Mindfulness Practice, Karuna Healing is able to increase connection to and compassion for self. Specializing in the social-emotional needs of gifted youth, this company is able to explore issues such as Distress Tolerance and Stress Management, Depression, Anxiety and Other Mood Challenges, Social-Emotional Needs of Gifted Individuals and Self-Harming Behaviors. As the founder was considering a practice expansion, she approached Ebb and Flow to help her consider, create, and communicate her message. We incorporated the symbolism of sun and spiral to reflect the scope and depth of her work and the transformation that her client's could achieve with consistency and commitment. Important in this visual message was vibrancy, compassion, empowerment and balance. Additional considerations included use on product packaging, marketing materials, and site design.


  • Word mark
  • Symbol mark
  • Color palette
  • Fonts
  • ROI identification