Rebecca Lefebvre and Phoebe Hunt
Doers • Designers • Illustrators • Photographers • And So Much More

She's "ebb" and I'm "flow" or she's "flow" and I'm "ebb." Either way, we are a very "likely" duo. Equal parts left and right brains, we are bipeds that create lots of stuff and get even more done. A uniquely odd but highly productive team, we bring heart to hard-work and rarely shy away from a challenge. Phoebe resides in Portland, Maine. She is the lucky one; the creative closest to the sand, sea and salt air. Rebecca braves the wild west. She soaks up the sun like a lizard but is often pining for "vitamin sea". 

At Ebb and Flow, we are nearly never bored but almost always inspired. We bring smiles, laughter and dedication to the job. We are avid artists with a titanic toolbox. From paper and pen, watercolor and brushes, fabric and textures, to digital cameras and all kinds of computer software; our toolshed is over-flowing. If you are looking for a digital design and art house that has creative on the brain, heart on the palette, and skills in their back-pocket, you have come to the right place. Give us a ring or send us a query. Let’s squeeze that lime and get this party started! BOOK YOUR PROJECT

Services We Provide

Brands • Print • Illustration • Photography • Websites
Simple communication. Simple aesthetics. Simply engaging.

People We Work With

Companies with a conscience and women-owned businesses.
Those living, loving & risking it all.